If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Nature abounds with beauty. Everywhere you look are brilliant examples of God’s glory and grace. In this world that God has made for us to enjoy and thrive, anything is possible with the power of positivity and collective consciousness. Help each other and be kind. We are all alone. Creativity is in you.
Nature abounds with beauty. Everywhere you look are brilliant examples of God’s glory and grace. In this world that God had made for us to enjoy and thrive, anything is possible with the power of positive and collective consciousness. Help each other and be kind. We are all alone. Creativity is you with love. The sculptures are great love and grace.
He fell in love with millions of places and thousands of experiences.

We see a million grasses, rocky shapes, and smooth curves, peace. The sculptures are very beautiful and unique.

I’m running on empty, and there is no way for you to fill me up.


Three years back in New York City and we are in Jersey. Each sculpture is magnificent by itself but alone they are also so beautiful. Beautiful alone.
I saw a monarch butterfly today and vaguely wondered if it was you passing me by. Night has not yet fallen, but I feel the same lonely fear as if you left me alone on a lightless road, shrouding me in fear. I hope you have not forgotten me. As the butterfly passes again, I think of you, and wonder if you miss me just the same.


This is a very good place for artists. This place is very cool.
As a writer, I love coming to GFS to observe my surroundings. Write and read. I am often confused for a sculpture when I read, but I love it.
Art is poetic and magical walking along and seeing a different version of life.
Some have leaves, some scales, and wings.
The art comes alive and real in this place.
What a vision from Seward he saw for this space
Thank you for following your dream.
And thank you volunteers and employees, I scream’
A beautiful place to come with my beautiful mother and my beautiful daughter.

I have seen the sky become her. What has happened to the heavens in her eyes? The trimming of her dress makes the stars fall harder.


Though she be but little, she is fierce.
~William Shakespeare


Perhaps we are all on earth for a reason or just because… we need to get to the end of the line. Love.
Breathe the fresh air and smell the water lilies. It reminds me of days gone by. I’ll be fifty in a few days. Time goes by so quickly.


The wind howled and the sound echoed around the empty house.
Great answers seldom make themselves apparent.

It’s so sad that people messed that up. People are so destructive.


I am somewhere else and quiet… a good place to be — for a time.

Just landed on earth. Glad Pokemon Go is still cool. Humans have some pretty dope memes.

A quiet place to get lost in one’s thoughts. To consider your purpose and find your way home.


Hi random people reading this, the thing you can do is do not listen to the voices of negativity. Those are the voices of the masses, the voices of the average.

Love is freedom, hate is imprisonment.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Everyone thinks I am part of this exhibit. Maybe I am.

These are the times that try men’s souls

What an amazing place, wow. Where else would you find a typewriter in the woods?

​The garden as an inspiration with the garden as my muse. Springtime is its own season.


And these are the children that you spit in as they try to change their world. They are immune to your consultations. They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.
~David Bowie

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.

~Walt Whitman


Rain and hail, / Cold and snow / Are good excuses not to go.

~Shel Silverstein

Every flower needs a sun to grow and that’s what you are. Do not fear. Do not fear where you are now. Enjoy the process of life and you will never have doubt. You are braver than you think.
Gentle breeze, cool gusts aad bird songs.
I’ve had no food or water for nine days now. Don’t ask me how that’s possible. On only day three, I was on a cleanse before I came out to the wilderness… it wasn’t the best choice, I know… so now is when I start my profession as a writer… a terrible one if I may add. Anyways, I’ll write more tomorrow.


You are beautiful and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You are powerful and you are capable of so many great things. Don’t stop being you. Do not be afraid to love yourself.
The owl and the pussycat went to see a beautiful pea green boat. In the beauty of this spring day, I return to my youth.
You are amazing and I love you with all my heart. I love you. The sculptures are amazing and this is a nice place and I got the soda.
When the doctor told me I was allergic to birds I didn’t believe him that feathers were causing all the sneezes and shaking and tense muscles, that the older I get the worse it will be. Now I see birds everywhere, it’s like they know, it’s like that movie: they kill themselves flying into my windshield. I never know how many birds there were on beaches in cities fltying through the moon at night. The musuem of the past ou are allowed to talk to your 10-year-old self in this museum. Encouraged to warn yourself about getting lost on the beaches of wildwood and ruin the experience. Of never being found. How a telephone connects to the past. They never fully explain but they mention. The speed of sound and light and dimensions but only your dimension. When your dad leaves your mother it’s only going to get a lot better not to be a copy like he was. And join the marching band in high school to learn how to cut class, make out with girls, and smoke pot. Make out with that guy just to see how it feels and run into the handicapped sign to break the only bone ever broken in your life. Now you think that your 10-hear-old self only did those things because you told him that the museum of the past made your present, that maybe Back To the Future really does explain a lot about how to live and that you should visit this museum every day to warn your yesterday self of what’s happening right now. Some people think we are the way we are because we only have one moon around the earth, that life would be completely different, people would not be so committed to one another that buildings would be underground. Most birds would not exist without gravitational pull of the moon directing them south each winter. The museum of moons is more of an experiment than a museum and inside it gives the appearance of a planet with multiple moons. The people who spend the day there do not change. They do not act differently at all, but maybe it’s because they’ve only had one moon for so long it’s really all they know.
All we could do was laugh. It had been so strange those days of waiting. We were at the, not mercy exactly, but somehow worse, the claws maybe, the tip of the tooth.
The ink is fading like everything else in life.
I want to feel the heaviness of the keys underneath
Or rather give underneath the touch of my fingertips as if to say
yes I am here, see, look at what I’ve done
Tucked away next to Walmart is a little bit of heaven in NJ. I took the path less traveled and found the parking lot.
How you wrapped up my heart and tied it to yours.
All remembrances of a beautiful life together. Shattered.
Can we put the pieces back together? How can we not?

Thus by day my limbs, by night my mind

For thee and for myself, no quiet find

Picture, if you will, a creature with the power to escape any hypothetical situation.

Art is the best food for the soul. Eat up.

It’s time to spread our wings and fly. Don’t let another day go. Love, it’ll be just like starting over.

Don’t underestimate the power of the typewriter.

Don’t neglect the chance to play with the numerous forms of metal, wood, fiberglass… as static as they appear, they also move minds and hearts.

Dear seasons and sunlight, seasons and shadows,

Play with the windfall, dancing trees

The chatty bamboo, spring shrubs

It is fun to enter a painting’s third dimension. Bamboo in dappled light. Licks of cool breeze. Old technology at my fingertips, connecting to time in unsteady letters. The breeze shimmers in the trees. The light sparkles in the air; I am grateful to be a part of it.

Through layers of healing, peeling away at every facet of my soul, I am struck anew by simple trust. All my dreams are in the sea. The bridesmaids keep them safe. One day I shall uncover the hem to find they hay has turned to pearls.

Today is a great day. This is very hard to type on. The ink runs low, like my patience. Why does Carolyn put her hair up and down twenty times a day?

Today is a perfect day. Visiting from Savannah. Enjoying this beautiful day with the spirit of our son.

Beautiful setting on a beautiful day. The flower is always in the almond. Everything has beauty; not everyone sees it.

The joy of being delusional is that you are always the last to know.

It is beautiful here. I have truly found paradise.


Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.


The arc of history bends towards justice


For anyone needing to hear this, this too shall pass. God didn’t bring you here to abandon you now. Forgive love and let nature wash away all your woes. birds do not fret sitting upon high branches worrying if it will break. They know they can fly.

Bob Glauber used to write his stories on a typewriter like this

Play is the heart of a child. Art is the heart of an adult.


A girl on her way to see the world
New experiences with old friends
And then there was art and beauty

I want to take a nap I want to take a nap

The ribbon appears to be jammed…strawberry LONESTAR

And nitrogen and oxygen and hydrogen and rhenium.

I am writing to my future self

Do not write on this typewriter until 6-4-20I7

Not all those who wander are lost. Those who wander with friends are never alone on their adventures.


A year ago I should have died. A year ago they would have cried. I live today and take pictures every day to remember every single moment. To not regret not having lived before my almost death. Today I live. Today I will remember every moment. Today I love. Today I feel. I will live and suck the marrows of my life so that when I look back at my life, I will have lived.


Gone to a less worrisome dreamland to find myself vain; it’s true solitude. Where are you? It doesn’t matter… we exist in the finite world but only for a blink. Love is the only thing that lasts longer than one lifetime.

Life is for the living. The past couple of months have been pretty rough. Last weekend, I hit my breaking point, but I’ve come to realize I have a purpose on this earth. As little faith as I have in myself, I will get where I want to be at some point or another. It might not be today or tomorrow… but soon. I will be okay again. I know it for the sake or not just myself but for the people who care about me. This place has helped me a lot. I’m truly grateful for this wonderful place. I feel like I’m truly in my element wheI’mim here. I always come here to clear my head. I always listen to Modest Mouse when I am here. It makes it very nostalgic. Today I actually came here for a memorial.service for my cousin. Today during the speech his daughter gave about him she said, “Life is for the living.” Thank you to all the people who have ever cared. I appreciate you since the pizza chick mental health adventure, because you are everything and I am nothing… uncomfortable.

Muddy grass piles, a walk through the imagination.

This does feel different than a computer keyboard. Wow, it gives me a sense of how long I’ve been alive, to see so much evolution of technology.

You know that place between sleep and awake? The place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I will always remember you.

On beautiful days like these, I’m glad art and writing are still loved by all.

The Earth is beautiful & precious. Enough fighting. Our children must know what an elephant is… Breathe in the air; love is all we need to dare. Save the garden, trees and air.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Today I’m here with my sister. I celebrate for days. Today is my 53rd birthday. I remember writing college papers on an electric typewriter. The digital age has spoiled me. (Where are the emoji keys?)

Welcome to the sculpture. What a delight. Enjoy this fine rhyme; good luck with what you write. Music IS the soil, the soul, the breath of life. A day with friends amidst art and trees… pure peace

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to our imagination, and life to everything.

He was not a soul free of sin, but genuine no less. All you need is love…  her soul was on fire.


The future is unknown. Gray-white glistening tops. White glistening, snowpeaked tops, engulfed by the clouds crashing down on me wild, free, untameable, constantly moving. Every flower is busy; every bee in a tizzy. Every hen folk is hatching while the men folk are scratching. To assure the survival of each new arrival, Mother Nature’s miracle. Her new seasons, heir: Spring Spring Spring.

You are likely to be eaten by a grue…it’s a beautiful day to be alive. Always trust a sunny day. Do you know who opened the chamber of secrets? No, but I can poop.

Life is beautiful. Damn, memes are dope.

Okay, fresh page ripe for the typing. A lovely couple from Brazil thought I worked here. His wife had to translate that he used to work with typewriters a lot as a child, interesting people you meet here. It is getting late, the park will most likely close soon. However, I enjoyed my time here. Maybe I did I’m just joking. Though perhaps this booth could use a new chair and some ink.

So after death, your father may not exist unless you keep him in your heart and soul and mind. Bless you for your beautiful words.

My initial impulse was to type some sort of obscenity, but after seeing what the purpose of this station is, I think something a little bit deeper would be more appreciated. I have a lot of questions about what happens after death, a lot of them arising after my father died almost two weeks ago, so I’m wondering what others may have to say about the subject. I look forward to seeing some responses.

I love you

I love you

I love you
I love you because you are my universe.
I love you because you are cute, funny, kind, wonderful, amazing. You’re my Dumby

No more sophistry, no futile rhymes. No more metaphors that just waste time. This attempt at art goes out to those who have lost all feeling of repose. This attempt at a manifesto is for scholars for whom knowledge flows. This is a tale of false unionship told by a peasant of rulership. The resignation is due to this: our perpetual supreme abyss, goddess of all the flies in the sky. President for life, we glorify. You got away with a hit but we lie and wait. You got away with it but we ALL lie and wait.

Here comes a special boy! Let’s take a closer look at that snout. Doot doot dooooootie.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I have never been wise. There is always another secret. To feel like a writer of old, so trite, but so compelling still. What is the allure of the written word that so strongly binds us all together? What is the peace brought by a book if not magic, if not gods at work among men?

I hate poetry. Would you like green eggs and ham? I would not like them, Sam I am. Would you like them in a box? Would you like them with some fox? One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

If you’re reading this, you have been in a coma for 20 years. Please wake up. Your family misses you.

Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting-place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.

We are waiting for our little girl in India to arrive. She is worth the wait.

Your name is a golden bell hung in my heart. I would break my body in pieces to call you once by your name.

Praise the Lord. We love because he first loved us. The Son of man came not to be served but to serve and to give us as a ransom for many. Matthew, the Lord, is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s Sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my Enemies; You annoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Psalm 23

Divided we fall. We are divided by artificial lines of code. We pick a team and think that it makes us stronger. It doesn’t. We bark and rage at any one who is different, conservative, liberal, millenial, racist. Yet we never consider the similarities between us. We are all born we all die. And now instead of creation, we observe and point and destroy. We post and blog and it gets us nowhere. The internet did not bring us closer. It made it easier to o retreat into ourselves. Our anonymity. We need each other. We are strong together. We could build. We could imagine a better world and make it happen. We could finally rise up and be the people we know, or used to know, that we can be. Labels, thought policing, and pointing only serve to help control you. They are tools, and effective ones, and we accept the yoke of zombihood gladly if it comes with a new app. This is the end or the beginning, and it is up to us to decide which…

And for the first time in my life, I am speechless. Why are we all obsessed with our own image? Why is it important for people to know what you had for breakfast? Who cares? Will it make a difference in your life?


Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy tales…all she talks about is riding with the wind.

Hello World, I haven’t used a typewriter in 50 years. I’m here with my wife and a friend.

Leave NOW NOW NOW — well, well, well how about that. There I found a typewriter. Ain’t that something else. This is the first time using a typewriter. The typewriter jams because I type too fast.



2434 stop.. they came from the west. Stop being overrun,
Send backup and more beer.
Said the moon to the earth why the look of despair
You are gifted with water trees and the air
I by reflection and left with dejection and just a few rocks to
To spare

You are all beautiful. Be kind.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl
I love you much, most beautiful darling and I like
you better than everything in the sky i have nothing to say.
Linda told me her name is Skye. I like pie. Especially apple. And PUMPKIN PIE.
All I need is vodka and puppies. Dream as if you live forever, live as if you die today.
I like the girl Skye from above and I like the sky above.

Dear reader,
I married him. How did Smith and Corona really get along? A beautiful day to be walking the grounds of GFS and walking and enjoying the art. Been here only for three weeks but already hate to leave this beautiful and peaceful place.

So glad to be here
On this lovely day amongst
Art and lover, life

 Jo Anna was here…
And she cried a tear…
At the beauty…
She lived for Zinfandel
And Zinny, because of her

Yes to typing outdoors slowly among nature and art

And makig mistakea typing because typewriting

I do not want to have you
To fill the empty parts of me
I want to be full on my own
I want to be so complete
I could light a whole city
And then
I want to have you
Cause the two of us
Could set it on fire.

-rupi kaur

Perhaps we were meant to question sour reality. Perhaps we were meant to experience all we can. Though, I suppose it is interesting in its own wait. Today we are present.

Welcome to Grounds For Sculpture. Come and experience the Typewriter Project exclusively at Grounds For Sculpture.

The last 3 months have been full of joy and you, a little bit. It might be more than a little (; Anyway, I love the way you laugh, how you smile, and how you bring joy to others as well. Your love for the needy, homeless, and the little stones inspire me to grow in love for these little ones. What I truly love about our relationship is that we both have hearts for these people and that we can spend time with God together.

Dear Danielle,

Hope you are doing well. Jen and I are at Ground for Sculptures. We are having fun. Let us know when we can make cookie pie with Charlene and Besas. Miss you all.

The flowers have bloomed. What I see in everyone else, I see in ourselves.

​The time was dusk. There was a chill in the air. And all was well.

Last time I was here I met you later that night. Now you are
Standing next to me a year and a half later.

I bought a knife
We’ll go to the beach
If you do not love me
I will kill you
If I do not love you
Kill me

​Art is everywhere.

light confirms my reality, gives birth to my form.

I used to have a typewriter like this. Once upon a time I used to be happy. Then my dad died. I miss him. Now I see him in the trees.. lakes.. and nature. I will see him again.

Hi it’s Dans birthday and we are here to celebrate YEAH

Happy Birthday Danny.

​Today is a beautiful day with my sweet lover. Enjoying the moment hoping it lasts forever. May tomorrow

Never come.

In the midst of life, we are in death. 

Live each day to the fullest as tomorrow is not planned or promised for any.

​To whom it may concern:

My dearest love has left me. Left me,
Left me for a younger and more beautiful woman
I write in sorrow to say that I no longer love I only am.

Entering my seventh decade, enjoying a sunny day with my hubby surrounded by beautiful nature and stunning art. PERFECT DAY… Time flies but not memory…

Hello it’s me and I was wondering if after all… oh who am I kidding this is no

Okay I did this totally wrong. Kay bye

​Yippee I found the carriage return stream of consciousness. This IS like a theme park. My eyes are swollen. 🙂 Wowee yippee yahoo hooray horsey. Heresay heresay.

Dear Hana

I miss you and always will. life without you is still
life but I must admit it is dull. The likelihood
that you’ll read this is very slim.
Steve K.

You I saw a lady and her kid and I said where you at him.
Love. It will take you far. Dont underestimate. Its strength.

it was a long and cold night in the ancient city of
Kingsport. The night was wet for the rain had
lasted almost three days.
happy birthday grandma we wish you well
A void devoid of void. A blank piece of paper. A paper
Where dreams are inked and the future uncertain. What is
Your story?
David Bowie r i p always and forever.

Hello Everyone

It’s our 24th wedding anniversary today and we are celebrating
Celebrating here.

happy anniversary sharon i love you

today is a beautiful day to be alive

I loved my brunch at Rat

I love when i have brunch with my family
I love pandas

​so much inspiration on a cloudy day, the rain falls gently on our heads….

Art is love Art is Love Art is Love
Indefinite Openness
With numbers

Boom goes the thunder before it clears
And the clarity becomes a glass
A little drop of heaven is loving you
A little drop of water before we become
Thirstier. . I wasn’t sure I deserved it

But I do in my mouth too

It had rained and rained. All day we thought, how wet
Will the ground be? How green the grass?
And the birds, all of them, shook their million
Feathers and sang their songs and it stopped.

The sun did not sap though we felt it
Still early.
And everything alive was still
Drinking what had been afternoon
Inhaling the mist
Mediatating the wetness of it’s peculiary body
How could anything ever be so clean?
So green
So new



hi from Germany what’s up everyone. My name is “ceerys” not “keris.” Skrrt skrrt.

my friends are quicker than my thumbs.

The Sculptures Here are AMAZING

2017 – Funniest year ever.
Dinner Time Every Night.
Musings of a quiet mind.
when i was a child, i would always pretend that i was the captain of the ship of my imagination. until one day i realized i was dreaming, and i couldn’t do anything.

Be patient be kind it will pass. This day will be a foreverday with my girls.

My happy place the coasts are shivering the paranoia the heartland is beating its chest. Thoughts on bumblebees I think they’re misunderstood but they still creep me out.
Amongst trees and wind a typewriter sits to connect trees wind child laughter floats freely overhead. Silence takes this place someday we may find peace, but only if we try.

hoje viemos aqui, Livia e eu adoramos muito esse lugar e lindo de ias beijos a os brasileiros

If I could give you one thing in this world, it would be for you to see yourself through my eyes. And you would see how truly amazing you are.

when in just spring …..tell me tell me all that you know, I’ll show you wind and rains,
waves and sand, sun and rays of joy; I will wait for you there

This place is part of heaven. So beautiful to be in the gardens when the flowers are in bloom – Nicholas

Buenos dias. Muy contenta de estar en el parque.

El parquer, disfrutando de la naturaleza y el arte de los escultores.

Buemonos dias, me siento.Villada del parque soy una
Visitante de Colombia Medellín. Y amo la naturaleza que
Se expone la belleza de las esculturas.
Gracias por el parque tan belli.

So many shades of green…

Thank you, R.

PERFECT iis the enemy of the good (enough).


You would
It would
It be
Before it would

good morning it is sunny, early may, clouds roll overhead with peaks of sun, pieces of light